Sunday, June 19, 2011


My SIL came out this week
for the big 8th grade graduation of child #2. 

She told me that she cannot find rosemary 
plants anywhere.  Has looked all over Chicago.

Then, I came across the FB page of Costeaux French 
Bakery in nearby Healdsburg.  It reads:

We need your rosemary! Bring in your fresh rosemary and in exchange you can choose a complimentary loaf of award winning bread. Your rosemary will have a starring role in our focaccia buns and olive oil sea salt 1/2 Sheets. Be part of the Costeaux tradition!

Am I missing something?  Is there a shortage
of rosemary? you can see, I have a situation in my side yard.

I keep meaning to cut it back but I'm skeeerd.

"WHY?" you ask...

I'm not okay.
For now, my rosemary can continue to overgrow.
Because I feel violatedddddddd.


niartist said...

OMG! Is that a snake? Please tell me it's not a snake! I didn't even open the picture because I want to just believe it's a pile of poo. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the pergola! :) You're welcome for lemonade anytime!

Patina said...

It's awful, Artie!

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