Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Mama

This is "Mama".  Every year, a "mama"
comes and lays eggs under the entrance of
our house.  At first, as she's building her
nest and new to us walking around and coming in and
out of the front door, she flies away, fearful.  But, we
talk to her and and watch her as time goes
on and she gets used to us and doesn't fly
away, just cocks her head to the side when we
talk to her.  Then she's sitting on her eggs.
We try not to bother her much.

Yesterday, I discovered that...
Her little babies are scared and they hide 
and behind her...

but then not long after...

brave baby dove pops out from under her and is not as 
afraid as chicken baby dove who is hiding directly 
behind mama!

1 comment:

Kim said...

How cool is that?! We just discovered that a little birdie built quite a fancy nest right outside our front door. There were two eggs in it this morning and THREE by evening! We're so excited to see the babies.

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