Monday, October 11, 2010

Loving this time of year..

It's the time of year when
everything starts drying out and dying.

The end of the growing season.
I'm sad.

But, this year, I'm getting seeds.

and propagating this...

to this.

I tried many methods. Splitting.
Different root mediums.
Different soil.
I'll come back and let you know
the best method I've found.

This came out of nowhere (or maybe
somewhere and I forgot it was from seed!)

I'm not an experienced gardener.

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niartist said...

Hey! :) I loved your use for the telescoping stand - and I hope you'll be able to use it for just that. Maureen of the Inglenook Decor will be sending out your prize, so please email me with your full name and address so I can pass it along to her. Congratulations! :) Artie

My photo I've been a decorative painter since 2004 and became a licensed CA contractor in 2008. I enjoy re-purposing and's great for the environment AND my house! My blog is an extension of my business, Patina Decorative Finishes.