Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brag Day for Photo Chick!

Photo chick's 4.0 Honors status has earned her a Canon Rebel. Whoo hooo...she wanted either that or a tiny studded nose ring (I'm not joking and I don't even have to explain why a 14 year old is not getting a nose ring! The Canon Rebel won by parental default.)

We went junking one weekend to the Concord Flea Market. Kinda scary, but kinda cool. She picked up this MINT John Lennon album for a mere $5, then proceeded to incorporate it into her photos.

This is photo chick in front of her "dream" wall. 4x4's of her photography.

and the beauty of bordering on vineyards...

at the edge of Napa county. With photo chick's
new Rebel. A sweet reward for working so hard.


Anonymous said...

Tiny studded nose ring is cheaper, but I definitely would have gone with the camera! Good for her :)

Katie said...

I wish I was that smart as a teen - give my parents 2 options, one of which is obviously not going to happen! Love the pics.

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