Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tribute to Bubba...

This is why I do not take the photos for this blog. I am not that great. I am getting better, but not good enough. Anyway, this is my tribute to "Bubba" who is really Beverlee, but her precious granddaughters came up with the nickname and now my kids call her that, too. Bubba is THE coolest 1/2 neighbor a person could have. By 1/2 neighbor I mean that she only lives in California for 1/2 the year and the other 1/2 in Ohio. Sometimes, much to our benefit, we get her 3/4 of the year. She is the spunkiest and coolest 70-something a person could ever meet in a lifetime.

So, see the little Spanish lavender that is on the bottom left? I know it's hard to see with the glare from the sun, but like I said before, my photographer has lost steam, so you are stuck with my pics until she returns. So, this is on Bubba's side of our adjoining landscape. We're not really sure where hers ends and mine begins, so we usually do double duty. So, one day somewhere in October of last year, we discovered together that her lavender was looking sad and dead. It didn't take long to notice the hornets going to and from. Turns out they built a nest under the dirt under this lavender and had KILLED the plant. We found their entrance spot and another tiny hole where some where going in and out of. So, we both are all over the internet researching ways to save our garden. We meet on the side and come to the conclusion that we are going to suffocate them. We could call an exterminator, but that sure as heck would take all of the fun out of it and dammit, we are women, strong women. We have to prove to the men that we don't really need them. We are strong women that are NOT going to let a hive of hornets destroy our Spanish Lavender!!! Bubba goes to WalMart for some glass bowls and spray (we NEED to see how many there were, you know?!) So, we devised our plan and decided we would meet at 9 p.m. in the dark with the bowls, flashlights, every body part covered and a can of hornet spray (insert 007 song...) I wish we had taken a photo because nobody would believe us....there were hundreds of them and it took days for them all to die. Brave Bubba, this is her nickname because not only did she spray the heck out of the nest, a few days later she stuck her arm in the ground and unearthed the nest that was the size of half a basketball!!! She also got her nickname from me months prior to the hornet frenzy because she helped me kill a bat that kept nesting and pooping on my front porch...eewww and got some bat blood on her hand that we worried about for days!!! And, just look, her Spanish Lavender came back to us! Love you, Bubba!

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Zazu Ta said...

I love wild, un manicured, photography. Probably because Mine isn't that great The new chilli is already sprouting from the egg cartons and Ilove this idea, because YOu can keep the seedlings in those for about 2-3 weeks and later put the whole thing into the ground. Egg carton has great natural drainage too. So if you're doing this.. don't poke holes at the bottom. Paper/ card board will dry out naturally.
Hoping to see your egg carton experiments soon!

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