Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anyone have a 43 lb. garden pest?

This is the #1 garden dilemma...

how many times in a day do you have to tell a
little boy that light sabers are NOT to be swung at
plants? Especially NOT the pretty ones. WHAT
is wrong with boys that terrorize and destroy
flowers? Seriously. I left him out in the back for 5
minutes. In 5 minutes, there were more rose
buds and stems on the ground than I can count.
I wonder why my Mother's Day roses are taking
SO long to bloom...DUH...
they are ON the freaking ground!

I have two girls and girls are sweet...
"Oh, look a the pretty flowers (caresses),
can I pick one?" "Ummm, sure honey."

But, lo and behold, boy comes along
with blue light saber and chants,
"DIE, DIE, DIE..."
and he MEANS it...

I do not have aphids or snails, I have a 43 pound
pest that does NOT respond to slug and snail
bait, but *TRASHES* my garden happiness.

Here he is...the apple o' my eye!


Mindy said...

I totally understand you. Mine is nearing 65 pounds... my best solution was always put him to "work". Give him his own tools(mini wheel barrow, shovel and of course a dripping garden hose. If he could make his own mud he was happy. He most enjoyed sweeping the ultra-dry dirt, making a gigantic dust cloud and saying, mom look, "I'm making steam." Great... wonderful.

My garden has never been finished, so there always is a big area for him to make a mess. Before you know it this pest will want to drive the car. :)

BTW he is a cutie.

Indy said...

Totally understand too. I have two light saber guys. You could make millions if you could figure out a "lawn treatment" for light sabres in the garden.

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