Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Jackpot...

Chocolate mint that I can never walk by without ripping off some leaves to inhale! I need to come up with a cocktail to put these to good use!

On my visit to Morningsun...I was greeted in the parking lot by the biggest lab I've ever seen. He was exquisite with an almost copper coat with deep coppery eyes to match, I was in LOVE! He was such a love bug and after giving him some attention, he didn't leave my side for a while. I've never quite seen that color in a lab before and am regretting not taking some photos of him.

I scored two of the Neapolitan Basil plants, I was told would grow leaves as big as my hand. They are about the size of tiny sweet basil at the moment. They are TINY...time for some Miracle Grow! I picked up some different perennials, a Japanese Bellflower and a Dicliptera that will attract hummingbirds. We already have so many hummingbirds that frequent our yard and the kids love to see them, so why not attract them? I put them in a sunny spot behind some roses. We used to have this same variety in our old house and I miss seeing all the hummingbirds. I also was able to get some different sage and thyme varieties. I have tons of lemon thyme throughout my yard already and love that they are perennials.

I also broke down and bought some tomatoes, Mr. Stripey (loved the name) and some Early Girls. I also got some jalapenos for my husband, who likes to eat them with his eggs in the morning.

My visit to Morning Sun was a success. I also enjoyed seeing all the cyclists out on Pleasants Valley Road today. I do not have the guts to ride out there, the road is far too narrow for my comfort level, but there were many out there and it made me smile. It is a beautiful area. My joy this morning was short lived when a squirrel jumped out in front of my car and I hit him. I was SO sad. I've never hit an animal before on the road, so it made my trip bittersweet.

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