Saturday, April 25, 2009

A few weeks ago, I purchased this Lavender Queen Rhododendron. I have a friend who has a plethora of Rhododendrons in her back yard, sitting in the shade and they are to die for. I've never had them before, but after seeing hers blooming, I had to get some. The dark green foliage looks like broken in leather! I love purple flowers, there was a year where my entire front yard was purples and I realized how boring that was. So, I stepped out with different colors and didn't buy a single purple flower for a few years! This was my first venture back, with the exception of the bearded irises! I cannot wait until this blooms, I'm watching it mature and I think this photo of the new budding below is so sweet!

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S. Smith said...

Growing up we had several Rhoddies in our yard and yes they are beauties.

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