Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to blogging...

After taking another LONG hiatus
again...I'm back to blogging.

'Cept for the horrible seasonal
allergies and our crazy NorCal
weather...don't you love springtime? daughter's illness is in a FULL remission
and we are fully living life. And, on that note,
I so excited...I'm going back to work!

I'm also launching my new blog related
to vintage finds and my passion...painting!!!

I'd love your feedback!

My newest reveal is my garden "studio"...
don't you love the pop of color?
The "windows" were actually a door
re-purpose from a Balinese teak cabinet.
I love how they look.
This weekend, they will be adorned
by window boxes made out of our
old "retired" fence planks.

and...some garden images from May!

1 comment:

Kim said...

LOVE your "studio!" My hubby built himself a cute little "shop" in our back yard. He shapes surfboards in it. The bad part is it can't have any windows, but we hung some old recycled windows on the outside to make it look like it does.

Looking forward to watching your garden grow. :)

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