Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The new "Love" in my life...

I recently picked up this rose bush, had it in
my cart and went to ask for some climbing roses.
The lady at the gardening center came over when
I summoned her for help and she said,
"Ahhhh, I see you've found the "Love" rose.

I'm not a stuffy rose collector. I don't need
Grade 1 Roses with fancy silver dog tags.
One of my all time favorite, most
beautiful cabbage roses came from one of those
bare root rose bins that gardening centers
throw in the corner, unpatented and CHEAP!
Probably a grade 3 or not even graded.
I hope Paige will get some photos, it's about
to explode with the the most amazing pale
white blooms with the slightest hint of pink.
Obviously my favorite and cost me about $3.99.
It has loved the systemic fertilizer this year, too.

So, needless to say, I have a fancy
patented rose bush sitting in my backyard.
I just thought this was a pretty
shot, I hope "Love" survives in it's new
environment, a sunny corner of my yard.

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