Saturday, November 13, 2010

The alienation project

If only I could do this project without
having to use these stairs.
Mother in Law is coming on Monday.

I am going to be a busy girl this weekend.
Thanks to blogland, I got a wild hair
and ripped the carpet off the stairs.

3 kids + 2 dogs + hubby who doesn't take off
his boots until he's upstairs (sigh) = EWWW.

This is the project, dead in the middle of it.
I have alienated all of my family members.
Everyone is pissed off that they have to
be careful walking on the plywood.

I'm going as fast as I can. (Or am I? I am
on the computer). I'm thinking of my method
for madness. I had to pull out my contractor's
license at the paint store yesterday and that
reminded me that I CAN do this.

now with the risers complete...
all nail holes filled in and ready to paint.

All that's left of my 12 propagation of my hydrangeas.
BUT...see the rooting?! Jiggity jig.
The ones that were spliced down the middle
were the ones that have the best rooting!

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Anonymous said...

That is going to look....GREAT!!!!!

My photo I've been a decorative painter since 2004 and became a licensed CA contractor in 2008. I enjoy re-purposing and's great for the environment AND my house! My blog is an extension of my business, Patina Decorative Finishes.