Sunday, July 11, 2010

Queen of the Garden

Meet "Queen" Lily...
keeper of the garden
poo sniffer
garbage can scrounger

she loves the morning sun.

I took this Hibiscus out of the ground and
transplanted into a large pot about three weeks ago.

I couldn't get it to bloom.
I had been misting for humidity.

Then, put it in a rich sun spot and left
it alone and it's blooming all over!
My first year with bougainvillea...
it's been slow growing.

and, Cuphea (Bat Plant)
so happy in it's new spot.
Happy "Sun"Day!


A Write Life said...

Queen Lily is adorable. An American Bulldog right? She's a keeper, even if she is a poo sniffer.

Leave a Trail... said...

White Boxer!!!

Katie said...

I love cuphea. And who doesn't like to bask in the sun? Lily has the right idea.

(And I think it's fitting that I pop over here and "I can see clearly now the rain is gone" is playing. Art imitating life.)

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