Monday, June 1, 2009

Just discovered in the camera...

oops...where did that one come from?
It's the plant destroyer,
more powerful than snails and slugs,
capable of taking out rose
bushes in one swipe...
and with a new weapon.

This one is fabulous...
gotta love the drought resistant ones.
This one will not produce flowers
if I water it. I need more of these.
It screams, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

1 comment:

niartist said...

Ooooo - don't send scary flower destroyer my way - the slugs are doing a fine job as it is! Is this a coreopsis? The one that doesn't want water? I had one last year and I'm wondering if that's why it hated me so? LOL! I sure hope you participate in Share a Garden Sunday over at the blog ... your pictures and gardens are so lovely - it'd be a shame if you couldn't!

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