Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random garden shots

This was taken by my 13 year old budding
photographer...she is getting good!

Succulents I've had for 3 years now, with some
jade thrown around the pot!
I came across this little clay pot years
ago in a vintage store in St. Helena, one of
my favorite little towns I dream of living in! I
put some sand in the bottom, a
little potting soil and this little cactus blooms
the most amazing pink flowers, but is
extremely random when it chooses to bloom.
Most days it looks like this. I
still love it, flowering or not!

Welcome to "Leave a Trail..." I started this blog for fun. I'm always in the middle of a project (er, well, many if you ask my husband).

Some of my projects are just OUT there, but I like nice, unique things. I think it's fitting for my first entry to post one of my favorite projects...this table. I bought it at a yard sale for $5 when we lived in Chicago. It has been many, many colors. I've used it as a coffee table, put it outside with plants, the girls had tea parties on it, and it's been stored it away. Most recently, though, it has been it's co-habitating with weeds on the side of my house in "the graveyard" getting that oh so perfect weathering. Yeah, I did that on purpose.

I was inspired by a photo I saw online of a beautiful cottage English-style garden and in it, was a birdhouse that looked like it had weathered many years. It inspired me to do something with the sad graveyard table and gave my husband something to roll his eyes at. Got out the power saw, some nails and screws and even got some funny looks from a couple of neighbors. So, here it is, pre-birdy playhouse...

and after, nestled in the fuschia! I can't wait for
the fuschia to bloom. I painted the edges
with a gray outdoor paint to maintain the
weathering look and to cover the freshly
"sawn" edges.

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niartist said...

What a great transformation!

My photo I've been a decorative painter since 2004 and became a licensed CA contractor in 2008. I enjoy re-purposing and's great for the environment AND my house! My blog is an extension of my business, Patina Decorative Finishes.